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Peter interviews M-DOGG 20 - 24th March 2004

M-DOGG 20 Interview


Here's another of the hottest independent talents that I'm proud to interview, who is currently a part of one of the most popular games on computer consoles right now ("Backyard Wrestling : Don't Try This At Home"); and this is what M-Dogg 20 had to say when I caught up with him recently.
PETER) : - It's a pleasure to interview you, and I'm shocked I managed to get you to sit down for long enough to do this interview! Though for all I know, you may well be moonsaulting as you type! Just kidding, what was your youth and childhood like?

M-DOGG 20) : - I had a very active childhood and I've always been a little crazy I guess. I was constantly climbing trees, jumping off roofs; and even as an infant I've been told I used to somehow inexplicably escape my crib and be found wandering the house. My parents enrolled me in gymnastics at the age of 10, and I was involved in it full time for 10 years competing across the nation. It helps define me as a wrestler today as well as a person, having taught me self discipline, body/air awareness; and the importance of strength and flexibility.

PETER) : - So did that lead you to wrestling , or were you already watching it?
M-DOGG 20) : - As a child I watched wrestling and was enthralled by guys like Hulk Hogan, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts; and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. In fact, I liked Dusty Rhodes so much that I persuaded my family to name our pet dog after him!! And then one fateful day my dad informed me that, 'wrestling was fake'; and I fell away from it for years. It wasn't until many years down the road in late high school that I was introduced to ECW, and wrestling was reborn for me. It showed me what wrestling could be… a true spectacle of athletic achievement and not an insulting 'soap opera for males'.

PETER) : - ECW captivated a lot of us, the enthusiasm of the workers in that tiny bingo hall was something that sadly is very hard to replicate again. The other thing that intrigues me is what happened along the way that made wrestling writers consider that men actually wanted to watch soap opera's! So was it ECW that inspired you to want to become a wrestler?

M-DOGG 20) : - It was ECW, and such feuds like RVD/Jerry Lynn, Mike Awesome/Masato Tanaka, & Super Crazy/Tajiri that made me want to wrestle. I felt with my 10 year background in competitive gymnastics that I could bring something fresh and new to the sport.
PETER) : - So from wanting to do it, to actually doing it. How did you get your break in the business?
M-DOGG 20) : - I don't believe I've had a break so to speak, but I've worked my ass off and been lucky enough to have several things fall in my favour. When I was 18 years old I took part in some silly backyard matches that lead to me being featured in the 'Best of Backyard Wrestling' video tape series which gave me some notoriety, and which then eventually led to a featured role in 'Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home'; which is available on the PS2 and X-Box consoles. I then decided to take wrestling more seriously and received my formal training at the Cleveland All Pro Wrestling Training Centre under JT Lightning. When I was ready I hit the indy scene and the rest is history. I worked for a while for CZW out of Philadelphia which lead to XPW in Los Angeles. I now work regularly for MLW, PWG (Los Angeles), JCW, LXW, IWC; and countless other federations.
PETER) : - What were your first matches like?
M-DOGG 20) : - My early matches were a lot more chaotic, hardcore; and reckless than they are now. I was heavily influenced by ECW and the 'hardcore' brand of wrestling so I liked to use tables, ladders, chairs, tacks, fire, barbed wire; you name it. Fortunately I've moved away from that style of wrestling and am always learning new ways to improve as a worker.
PETER) : - What would you consider your best moments in wrestling so far?.
M-DOGG 20) : - Going from watching Jerry Lynn on PPV as a fan, to putting on what may be the best match of my career with him only a few short years later is shocking to me. I've had so many good times in wrestling it's hard to even list.
PETER) : - I hear you've been over to my country of England?


M-DOGG 20) : - My trip to England in late 2003 was a blast and something I'll never forget. I had the time of my life seeing the sights, and it was absolutely amazing to go across the world and have a whole crowd of people chanting your name before the match even started. It's also been awesome seeing the power of professional wrestling. I've written people in the hospital just because their friends thought a letter from me would help the person in need, which is very touching to say the least.
PETER) : - It shows a lot of class, and says a lot about your character. Who do you feel you work with best, and who are your best friends in the business?
M-DOGG 20) : - I feel I put on my best matches with Josh Prohibition as we both trained and broke into the business together. We know each other in and out, and know the reversals of each other's reversals. I also feel I work well with Jerry Lynn and that we've really clicked in the two matches we've had. I also enjoy working with Chris Hero and Chris Hamrick. I'm very close with all the guys I just mentioned and it's a joy to be on shows with them. They've all helped me a lot in and out of the ring. I love a lot of guys on the indy scene, one of my best friends is Colt Cabana and I also loves me some CM Punk. Super Dragon out of Los Angeles is my boy, and I love to be on shows with Jonny Storm from Jolly Old England!
PETER) : - Ah, Jonny…. We're rather proud of him here! I've also had the pleasure of interviewing Hamrick and Cabana and both are really cool guys. What do you like to do in your spare time?
M-DOGG 20) : - I consider myself an amateur bodybuilder, so some of my hobbies include working out, spending time at the gym; and lifting weights. I also enjoy riding motorcycles, and am very involved in the local punk rock music scene. I go to many concerts and get several cd's a week. I also have my own local radio show that I do weekly which enables my love of music to flourish. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and planning ridiculous public stunts similar to MTV's 'Jackass'. You can get a great idea of what I do in my free time by checking out my DVD 'Backyard Wrestling Superstar Series: A Passion For Pain' which is available wherever video's are sold as well as on .
PETER) : - I can certainly relate to the music side of things, as I've played guitar for many years. What are your thoughts on WWE and TNA?
M-DOGG 20) : - I would love to wrestle for a career, and the only real way to do that is in the WWE so that's kind of my ultimate goal/dream job. I'd also love to be involved with NWA:TNA, and it's one of my major goals this year to begin working for them. I feel I'd fit in perfectly in the X-Division and I have many friends there, so hopefully I can achieve that goal. AJ Styles is my favourite wrestler, so it would also be great to compete on the same stage as him.
PETER) : - We'll keep our fingers crossed. What are your thoughts on the indy's?
M-DOGG 20) : - The indy's are great, and really where the action is at nowadays. It's not hard to find amazing athletes giving it their all in 5 star matches all across the indy promotions. The innovation is spectacular and it's a shame most of the matches aren't caught by the mainstream. Hopefully someday, some of us will be able to compete on a larger scale and a potential worldwide audience.
PETER) : - What would you give as advice for people who want to get in to the business?
M-DOGG 20) : - Get trained. It's an absolute must. If you're serious about professional wrestling in any capacity, you'll need to do the training to pursue it. Also, you never stop learning and don't have any excuses. If a professional/elder/veteran is talking to you, you consider it an honour and you shut your mouth, listen; and learn.
PETER) : - I know I do! So, to finish things off; what are your plans for the future, and also is there anything you'd like to add yourself?
M-DOGG 20) : - Thanks for the opportunity, and for taking the time to read this. If you'd like more information on me, please check out the newly redesigned . There you'll find appearances, video clips, merchandise, pictures; and more. I just released my DVD nationally 'Backyard Wrestling Superstar Series: A Passion for Pain', and I hope to release more video's like it in the future. I'm also hoping that starring in the video game leads to other work in the entertainment industry. As far as wrestling goals, I'd like to wrestle abroad more. The match I had in September 2003 in London, is something I consider one of my greatest achievements in wrestling. You never know what the future holds, but I'll keep plugging away as long as it's fun. Thanks again, and remember 'Ted is Dead'!
PETER) : - Thank you as well, it's been a pleasure.
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