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Wrestlemania 7 review - 11th March 2004

Wrestlemania 7 Review

Event: WWF WrestleMania 7: "Superstars and Stripes Forever".
Date: March 23, 1991.
Location: Los Angeles, California.
Arena: Los Angeles Sports Arena.
Attendence: 15,000 approximately.

One of the most remembered WrestleMania's, back when star power, character & personality outweighed pure wrestling ability. Does this trip back into time teach us anything about how the business has changed into what it is today? Let's go back 13 years and find out ......

Non Televised Match : - KOKO .B. WARE pinned BROOKLYN BRAWLER.
Well, admittedly I can't say what this match was like as such; as it was non-televised. But firstly, this is a little side note for those of you who haven't seen the WWF or WWE live; they always run at least one match (sometimes more) to warm the crowd up, check the ring and so forth. This match wouldn't have been anything too special, Koko wasn't a bad worker for his time and was very over with the fans in an 'underdog' style character. Brooklyn Brawler was never a great worker, but scarily has made appearances on WWE television in recent years; from what could only be called from the file known as 'Nostalgia with a sense of humour'.

The Rockers are still spoken of in reverent terms to this day, and most likely always will be. This was Shawn Michaels when he was young (long before The HeartBreak Kid), when he and Marty Jannety were revolutionising tag team wrestling in the then WWF. High flying moves, exciting matches; screaming fans - you couldn't ask for more. Barbarian and Haku were plodding brawlers, Haku the more talented of the two and also one of the legitimately toughest men ever to step into a wrestling ring. Not a bad match, but not one of the Rockers's best.
** 3/4 out of five stars.

Kerry Von Erich, of the legendary Von Erich family; was a decent worker in his hey-day. What wasn't known was the fact he was working with a prosthetic foot for most of the time, and also had drug addiction problems. Dino Bravo was originally a scientific worker, who then bulked up muscle-wise and became somewhat more of a brawler. Sadly, today; neither man is still alive. Decent enough match for what it was. ** out of five stars.

So, if you think the WWE are obsessed with 'big' men now; you should have seen what was going on in the WWF then. Blatant steroid overuse, and nothing special in ring. People always think fondly of 'The British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith, and he was still a good wrestler considering his size; but to see him at his best I would recommend hunting down footage of his tag team with Dynamite Kid Bulldogs. - The British Warlord wasn't too great at all, to be polite; Smith held this match together somewhatstars.. * 1/2 out of five
(THE World Tag Team Titles) : - NASTY BOYS defeated THE HART FOUNDATION.
Time shows things in a different light, and what was a decent enough match then with a hot crowd is now an average at best tag team match with only one talented worker in it - Bret 'Hitman' Hart. The Nasty Boys were brawlers at best, Jim Neidhart was always limited scene - in today's expectations would be low for this onethat was up for . Still, a crowd this match disguised a lot of this; and therefore I'd give it a slightly higher rating than the action deserves. ** out of 5 stars.
(ROBERTS Blindfold Match) : - JAKE pinned RICK MARTEL.
Having run an anglewhere /storyline Roberts was 'blinded' by Martel, this was a hot oneThe audience both . live and at home were seriously up for this one, for one simple reason - they BELIEVED. Roberts was absolutely dynamite behind a microphone, people loved to hate Martel not have - whilst this may been a classic wrestling match in the traditional sense, it IS a classic on many other levelsout of five . *** 1/2 stars.

Do you love 'old school' Undertaker? In the last match, I referred to fans 'believing'However outlandish it . sounds, they did with Mark 'Undertaker' Callaway toothen . But again, this is testament to how well he played the character. Snuka was a well respected veteran, fed to 'Taker in a series of opponents designed to get him over with fans as a unstoppable heelThis was quite a . good match that achieved it's goal. ** out of five stars.1/2

(ULTIMATE Retirement Match) : - WARRIOR pinned RANDY SAVAGE.
For someone who if you read his website in later years appeared very intellgent, Warrior always came across borderline illiterate during interviewsgreat . Savage was a brawler in his day, and pretty much carried this match. Time has not been kind to Ultimate Warrior's wrestling ability, and it wasn't exactly good thenfor making . All credit to Savage this a match that people remember vividly and still relate to even now. *** stars out of five


The Japanese duo were and still are heavily respected in Japan for their wrestling, but something got left behind on the plane ride seemingly. Mind you, it could just have been they were used to a better class of opponent. It still seems a shame that two Japanese legends were wasted in such a blatant card filler. * 1/2 stars out of five.

(Intercontinental Title) : - BIG BOSS MAN defeated MR PERFECT by disqualification.
Curt 'Mr Perfect' Hennig was one of the best wrestlers of his era. At one point, he could carry most people to a good match. Probably a good thing here, as he was working with the limited Big Boss Man. Like it was testament earlier in the show that Randy Savage was able to carry Ultimate Warrior, this match being half decent is purely down to the bumping and selling skills of Mr Perfect; who is sadly missed today. ** 1/2 stars out of five.
Greg Valentine is a second generation legend, old school wrestling at it's finest. Sadly here, he had been reduced down to mid card and usually jobbing. Earthquake was the typical 'monster heel' of this era, all size and very average wrestling ability. Too short a match to mean anything, and it was obvious where the ending was going. * 3/4 stars out of five.
Again, time has played it's part; and two of the wrestlers here are no longer with us (Hawk of LOD, and most recently at time of writing; Hercules of Power and Glory). How this match made it to the show is a mystery, as it was only one minute long. Personally, I find that impossible to give a star rating to; in that you can't rate something that was over as soon as it got going.
VIRGIL defeated TED DiBIASE by countout.
It was maybe a predecessor of the Austin vs McMahon feud. Virgil, the 'abused bodyguard'; finally hit out at the 'evil boss' Ted DiBiase. In wrestling views though, DiBiase was an incredible worker; and Virgil was rather limited to say the least. That fans took Virgil seriously and considered him a threat to DiBiase was due to 'The Million Dollar Man' being as talented as he was. Still quite a nice little match though due to the crowd. ** 3/4 stars out of five.
The last match on the show, in the respect of 'why did they bother?'. Some of these matches were so blatantly booked to fill time, and give particular wrestlers a reason to be there. See, the creative and booking team weren't even that great then! But, luckily; they had a bit more idea on how to disguise wrestlers's shortcomings either vocally or physically. Both here were decent workers, I'd give the nod to Santana overall. Not a bad match, but easily forgotten. ** stars out of five.
(World Heavyweight Title) : - HULK HOGAN pinned SGT. SLAUGHTER.
Personally, and it's only my opinion; I dislike Hogan and everything he's ever been involved with or has stood for. Given an opponent who could make things a bit more interesting, I could watch some of his matches. Sadly, this wasn't one of them. The WWF had rather sadly chosen to cash in on the USA/Iraq war at the time, and former USA flag waver Slaughter had spit on his country to side with Iraq; and of course 'Real American' Hulk Hogan had challenged him. An angle based on war and death in real life is usually going to turn out poor taste, and the match was really poor. They had already changed arena for th show due to fears of terrorism (what were they expecting, basing a story line on such real developments?). Sadly, this is one of the lamest main events of WrestleMania history. * star out of five.
OVERALL : - It's a shame the main event stunk so badly. Because, when you look past the fact that some of the 'lesser' matches should have been given more time to play out; this wasn't a bad show, more of an average one. The lesson to be learned here, though; is if you can make an audience care about the people involved in a wrestling match - the wrestling action itself doesn't have to be top notch. The trick is all in the writing.....
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