An Interview with Most Precious Blood

No one means more to New York City than Most Precious Blood and nothing is more important to Most Precious Blood than being from New York City. This band is carrying Gotham City Hardcore into the next generation.

Interview by Amy Mullin

How long have you guys been together?

Most Precious Blood started in the summer of 2000 after our old band (Indecision) broke up

How did you meet?

We all knew each other from playing together in other bands in the scene through the early 90's. Our old band, Indecision, used to play with Rob's old band, One King Down, a lot and we just kept in touch.

What are your musical influences?

We all could go on for a few hours with this question. We all listen to so much different stuff from Diamanda Galas to Soft Cell.

How did you come up with your bands name?

The band was named after a school. Growing up I always thought "Most Precious Blood" was such an ominous and creepy title for something that was supposed to be so sacred.

What are your plans for touring this year?

We're off pretty much until April recording a new album. In May we return to Europe with Napalm Death to play a bunch of festivals.

Which band at the moment that has made it big over the last year do you respect the most?

The Faint. I love how they really crafted their style over the years and created their own thing. They trend came to them, not vice versa. They did the old fashioned punk thing - which was - go see a band, going home totally inspired and create something brand new and original and not a carbon copy of the band u just saw.

How would you describe your music to people?

Hardcore. I'd rather them not understand. If I try to really explain the sound they'll start saying "Oh, like Korn?" and I'll get frustrated.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

CBGB's is awesome. I love playing the Underworld in London too.

Explain to us what you do on a 'normal' day?

Lately, not much. Write music for MPB, take care of MPB business, hang with my dog, maybe a girl. Thats it. MPB is our life, our job, so when we're not on tour, its like we're on "vacation" haha - and its quite boring. Rachel and I have a side project where we do a lot of dance and darkwave music. I have fun doing that when we're home.

Can you let us in on any secrets as to what the future holds for your band?

In a last minute attempt to cash in on the 80's nostalgia, we're all going to start wearing costumes and masks of various 80's pop culture icons - one of us is going to be Super Mario of Mario Brothers fame, another a Smurf, someone else is going to be a human Rubix Cube, I'm going to dress up like Voltron, and so on. We're going to change our name to the Neon 5 and play keytars.

Thanx for the interview!

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