An Interview with LAP

A brief description of LAP and their band members:

''On myspace, our music is described as: sounding like dying quietly in a loud heavy car accident with melodic memories of being alive through a screamingly painful child birth. It's energetic, punchy and sometimes catchy, but good catchy.'' The band members are:

Tony - vocals/guitar

Jim - drums

Phil - bass/vocals

Nick - guitar.

Intrerview by Leanne Halls

How long have you been together?

Just over 18 months.

How did you meet?

Me (Jim) and Tony used to be in a band together before LAP. The music was bordering on hardcore but not quite - that didn't work out so we started again, this time writing music we enjoyed playing and f*** everyone else if they don't like it. I think people do though.

What are you musical influences?

We have similar tastes in music, especially modern rock: queens of the stone age and deftones being two of the major bands we like. There's also a lot of hardcore, metal and other s*** thrown in as well. We all share each others stuff as well, Tony was brought up on 80's metal and thrash, Phil loves punk and some hardcore, nick is into some darker stuff and I like hardcore, hip hop and a lot of 70's rock.

How did you come up with your band's name?

It stands for Life Among People.

How would you describe your music to people?

Its music that we like. The recorded songs sound big and sparkly, but live is where the real stuff is!

Any plans on recording some more songs?

Yeah, we have a whole load of mew stuff coming out in time for the October tour and we have even more stuff that we're recording early next year.

Do you have any gigs/tours lined up this year?

We're on tour in October. Check out Distort Manchester Records for all the info.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

The ones where the crowds get into it - usually small, dirty places.

What do you guys get up to on a normal day?

Phone up TV stations with bogus news leads and pottery.

What are the bands plans for the future?

writing, recording, touring and drawing dirty pictures.

Check out the band's websites: or

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