Jay's Music Column

Jay's Music Column

Jay reviews Monkeyrush Ė Letís Stay In Bed EP


A quirky offering from a quirky but very talented band in Monkeyrush. The ska and dub influenced music itself is a nod to the choicest cuts of Madness and The Specials, whilst the lead lady, Fil Planet -of former revered collective Back To The Planet-, stands strong in the current plethora of female artists with a style most undeniably all her own.

Track 1, Letís Stay In Bed, is a jolty tune with just a smidge of a hint of Baggy Trousers in the bridge. Vocally, comparisons with Lily Allenís lyricisms and stylingís will always abound even though Fil was part of the charge for female lead-singers long ago. Fil shocks through the music with an irresistible rawness and funk to her vocal chords that matches the assured musical accompaniment quite outstandingly. The chorus is sing-a-longable, but the swearing does go some way to debasing it as itís completely needless. Itís not a song fraught with emotion; nevertheless itís a confident mosher of an opener.

Track 2, Post To Post, seems to be Monkeyrushís forte. Some slick funky guitar underpins stronger lyrics that dance and repeat in a cool jaunty motif. A more confident vocalisation from Fil sees some depth glanced that wasnít apparent in Letís Stay In Bed. The verses belt along while the chorus is coolly impressive.

Standout is Track 3, Never Too Late, is an assertive tune of strength and spirit that pulls together the best factors of Monkeyrush into a polished head-banging shout-along. Fil implores us Ďdonít get sidetracked, itís never too lateí and Ďno surrender!!!í. Never Too Late pours out as an impassioned anthem and ends the EP with the listener wanting more of a taste.

Monkeyrush are undoubtedly a fun band with so much potential in a locker already chocked full of funk, ska, dub, guitar and experience. Fil is so listenable while the band themselves play with an accomplishment and a genuine joy apparent in their stunning guitar thrashes. Monkeyrush will burrow into the musical psyche with their individual and downright cool tunes, and theyíll have a fun time doing it!

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