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Gemma's Music Column

Gemma reviews Dolls House – Too Hot to Hoover


A mixture of pop, punk and rock, Dolls House are a melodic narcotic for the eardrums. They have everything that makes a band great: thought provoking lyrics, amazingly talented band-members and hard hitting tunes both breathtaking and unforgettable.

Fronting is the sassy siren Camilla Romestrand, who not only has the look of an angel dropped down from heaven (for the bad thoughts she kept inspiring in others) but also is an amazing vocalist with a voice dripping sex and attitude. Sounding like a hybrid of Hazel O'Connor and Gwen Stephani, one minute she croons seductively, the next sighs teasingly and the next blasts you away with pure rock power you’re transfixed from the first syllable. With amazing lead guitar riffs from Joz Anderson, energetic drumming from the Alex Inglis and deep dirty bass and uplifting keys from Cenk Aksun, the four come together to form one of the best alternative pop bands around at the moment.

The songs themselves are a perfect blend of heavy hitting numbers and delicate ballads. Dance numbers, such as the latest single 'My Love', are infused with more energy than they can physically contain and send ripples of tremulous excitement through every cell of your anatomy. The ballads, such as 'Don't be afraid of the Dark', gently exude poignant, often melancholic, beauty. The whole album is an emotional musical roller coaster, each song ripping the breath straight from your lungs and leaving you aching for the next.

This is a band you fall instantly and deeply in love with, whatever your musical taste, and can't afford to be missed!


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