An Interview with Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb are an unsigned band from Glossop near Manchester. The band consists of Adam on Bass, Jimmy on Vocals, Steven on Drums and Darren on Guitar.

They describe themselves as ''a 4 piece kind of alt./rock/pop-punk/indie... just a nice mix of everything good really.''

Interview by Leanne Halls

How long have you been together?

The band has existed for about 3 1/2 years since Steven was 14. The current line up with Darren has been together about a week!

How did you meet?

Steven, Adam & Jimmy partied our way through school together and Steven and Jimmy knew each other from being 9 years old playing football of all things. Steven asked Jimmy to sing from speaking again in maths lessons. We met Darren on (where are forum is, go on it its ace!) after posting looking for a new guitarist. We asked to try out and he was good... he joined.

What are your musical influences?

We all have a varied music taste which leads to obvious influences for example Steven likes bands such as Minus the bear, Bear vs. Shark, The Maple state. Adam likes Anti-Flag, Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms. Jimmy - Thrice, Thursday, Brand New and Darren love teh pop punk and bands like the Aquabats. So pretty varied, we dont just like those genres and we all like some of the same bands.

How did you come up with your bands name?

Me and our old guitarist agreed it in a French lesson when we had a supply teacher and did nothing else. The old guitarist got a sticker on an plane with do not disturb on it. We weren't that imaginative and we all hate it...well too late to change now.

How would you describe your music to people?

This is well too hard! See first question!

Any plans on recording some more songs?

Yeah a couple of live ones soon and some acoustic ones very soon but we won't be going into the studio properly for a while i dont think.

Do you have any gigs/tours lined up this year?

Course, we've got a load of local Manchester gigs coming up with a date with 4ft Fingers which should be fun. We're booking a tour for Feb 2006 which should mean playing dates in Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Deven and so on.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

The Manchester Academy 3 for sure! We've seen so many great bands playing at that venue such The Starting Line, The Early November, Thrice, Motion City Soundtrack... so to set foot on the same stage and pack the venue out was a dream come true. The staff are so helpful and can't do enough for you, top class sound, really nice guys and we the most fun ever!

What do you guys get up to on a normal day?

With it being summer at the moment we're partying at lot but also have to work a bit like today being a Saturday Steven and Adam work from 9-2 then party. Its a fun life. We dont do much at work so we do band stuff, booking gigs, sorting merch doing demo dovers etc...

What are the bands plans for the future?

To have much fun as possible, get some merch on the way, give as many CD's away as possible and play to as many as people as we can.

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