An Interview with The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out was formed in late March 2004 after the untimely death and resurrection of three lost and forgotten souls. The band originates from the dark cold depths of the south east coast of England and play their own original style of music inspired by classic horror films and 50's rockabilly.

Interview by Amy Mullin

How long have you guys been together?

The band formed in March 2004 making this the end of our first year!

How did you meet?

Me & Marti had been in bands for around 4 years previous and TDRO formed when I met Leigh in Buzzy Needles Tattoo Studio, we got talking and I found out he played drums. We got him in for a practice and he instantly picked up the songs me and Marti had written.

What are your musical influences?

We're influenced by a lot of different music, ranging from 50's rock n roll,
80's metal, punk and so many bands of all different genres!

How did you come up with your bands name?

The Devil Rides Out is the title of a novel by Dennis Wheatley and also a Hammer Horror film starring Christopher Lee.

What are your plans for touring this year?

We're looking to do as many shows as possible this year to follow on the success of supporting bands like Red Flag 77 last year.

Which band at the moment that has made it big over the last year do you respect the most?

I’d prefer to use this space to tell you about the smaller bands that you should check out instead, Bands like Charlie Moore 4, Fletch Cadillac, The First and all Local bands in Towns across the country for keeping the scene alive. In a time when A lot of venues are closing down the DIY bands need to stick together

How would you describe your music to people?

We've been described as metal, punk, hardcore, psycho and more but we're just playing music we like. If we had to name a genre I guess we'd go for punk but our music contains elements of everything that inspires us from music to the horror films we watch and love.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

The Junction in Cambridge has to be the best venue we've played but its probably quite closely followed by The Victoria Inn in Derby and The Jailhouse in Coventry.

Explain to us what you do on a 'normal' day?

We all have day jobs at the moment in order to fund the band and the recordings we make. At the weekends we generally drink, Play shows or go to other peoples shows

Can you let us in on any secrets as to what the future holds for your band?

Later this year should see the release of our third EP over the Halloween period. We're also looking to release an album in the summer of 2006 so keep your eyes and ears open for that one!

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