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Andrea interviews [dweeb] - 23 October 2007

Christian rockers [dweeb] have a lot to shout about. Lead vocalist, Tim Alford, sat down for a second and we had a chat about Singing with the Enemy, record labels, gigging, tattoos and God.

We don’t have a specific person who writes the lyrics or music – each of us brings something and we put it together.  Our second EP is called Moose, Moose, Moose, Chicken, Moose. We have a stupid sense of humour and it is important for us to have a good time. Our album released in December is called It Came From Outer Space.

It Came From Outer Space

There are four of us in the band. We met at Nexus, a Christian music college and formed the band in 2002. Since then we’ve had relative success. At the moment we’ve been busy recording for a CD due to be released on 10 December. This will be a full length album, containing 11 tracks and a couple of interludes.

We heavily promoted ourselves and gave ourselves a hefty push, which landed us offers of deals with 4 different record companies. Then we played at Nth Fest, which was organised by Risen Records. The A&R guy came over and offered us a deal. We accepted an agreement with Risen at the end of July and started recording for an album halfway through August this year. We signed to Risen at the end of August. They have been brilliant with us.  We ended up turning down the offers we’d worked the hardest for.




Tim Alford, lead singer of [dweeb]

Singing with the Enemy?

Endemol (the producers of Big Brother) rang and asked if we would be interested in taking part in a show called Singing with the Enemy to be shown on BBC Three.  They sent someone to one of our gigs and we had tests and all sorts of stuff. We felt this was a real risk. I hate the way Christianity is portrayed in the media – you are either a nutjob or a cheese fest. In reality Christianity is neither of those. Christianity has changed my life – and we wanted to show how alive Christianity is despite the risks.

I was pleased with the outcome – this was a credit to Endemol. The end edit was good and it gave a good representation to what we are about.


During the set shown on Singing with the Enemy, I read a passage from the Bible. I don’t always do that, no. Before I get on stage I ask God what does He want to say. Our gigs are not always the same – unless God wants us to get something across that we’ve already said before. How a gig goes also depend on time, if we have a short set then we’ll play our favourite songs.


The band members are: Tim (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), The Badgerman (lead guitar, backing vocals), Dave (drums), Matt (bass guitar/backing vocals

One of the messages we want to get across is – don’t dismiss Christianity as something irrelevant. The bible was written a couple of thousand years ago – even though God knows any situation inside and out. No one can relate to you like God can.


Do you have any hints and tips for up and coming musicians?

We’ve got this far through hard work and the grace of God. We do what we do because we are excited about Jesus. I love talking about God.

People who are not Christians will not be able to relate to this – we’ve done what God asked us to do. We are not megastars. We work hard and put God first.

There is a passage in the Bible that reads: The thing you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what God wants. Then all these other things you need will be given to you. (Mat 6:33).

You have an impressive tattoo

This was done in one sitting, it took 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Do you know what it says? It reads Jesus in Hebrew.



[dweeb] up and coming gigs:

Date: 3 November 2007 Venue: Concert Hall, Glasgow
17 November 2007 Venue: Luton Christian Fellowship,
Also Playing:
8 December 2007 Venue: St. Mary's-at-Finchley, Finchley,
Barnet , 7:30pm Entry: 8 Age: All
Also Playing:
Glass Darkly
14 December 2007 Venue: Fuse, St. Paul's, York


[dweeb] competition!

The new [dweeb] album, entitled It Came From Outer Space, is released on 10 December. Tim’s favourite track is called What it is to Breathe. We have a signed copy of the album to give away to one lucky winner who can answer the following question:

What is the name of [dweeb]’s first ever EP release?

Send your answers by email to [email protected]  Competition ends on 1 December 2007. Winner will be picked at random.

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