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Andrea interviews 8 Days Late - 6th August 2003

"The name of our band," says Johnny D, singer and guitarist of 8 Days Late, "is a bit embarrassing when it comes to Internet search engines. Type in '8 days late' and the results list links to periods and stuff like that."

Originally, 8 Days Late were a four piece Blink 182 cover band comprising Johnny D, Chris (drummer), Johnny Y (bassist) and Paul (guitarist). They split in 2000 and reformed later in the year, losing Paul and the Blink 182 cover tracks.

"We wanted to write our own music so we reformed the band in late 2000 without Paul," explains Johnny D. "We started again writing our own pop/punk type of stuff. Writing music is my passion."

8 days late


"We all met whilst we were at Lowton High School, and formed the band at school. Our music teacher was in a band called Only One Mammal and he arranged our first gig, which was at Yorkshire House in Lancaster in 2001," says Johnny D. "We hadn't had much experience of gigging at the time. That was our worst gig ever.

"This experience, however didn't stop 8 Days Late. On 4th January 2003, they played a gig at Southport Art Centre which was amazing," Johnny D recalls. "The stage set up and lighting was fantastic and we played to loads of people. That was a real buzz."

The gigs for 8 Days Late are getting better and so is their music.

Their next gig is the HMV Showcase at Life Café, Manchester on 4th September 2003 and they are currently rehearsing for this. "At the moment though, gigging isn't our priority," states Johnny D. "We want to improve our music and generate a wider audience. We will get more gigs after September 4th."

8 Days Late have MP3's found HERE. "These early tracks aren't a true representation of the music that we play now, though," declares Johnny D.

"We are always writing new music. Johnny Y and myself have begun listening to heavier rock to widen our musical experience. Chris likes hip hop."

Manchester's Midi School of Music have awarded recording time to 8 Days Late, and they will be using this to record their strongest tracks. "We want to make a demo and get it out to people as soon as possible," says Johnny D. "Our ultimate dream for the band is a record contract."

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