An Interview with Hitechjet

Journeys. Some people enjoy the ride. For some, the end can't come quick enough. Sometimes enjoyable, sometimes challenging.

600 miles from is the new Hitechjet album (Due March 2005). Life's journey isn't always straight forward. Their journey was all of the above but they arrived at a destination full of optimism.

Interview by Amy Mullin

How long have you guys been together?

It's around 3 years. 4 of us started jamming at the end of 2001 and then Brian (our singer) joined us in Feb 2002. It's gone very quickly.

How did you meet?

Bev (bass) and I (Mem guitar/vocals) have been friends for years. We both wanted to do something noiser then our last bands but Bev was in another band so couldn't commit so he introduced me to Adam (guitar) who was Bev's uni housemate and I'd played in a band with Micky (drums/vocals), so we started writing together. Around the time we started to look for a bass player, Bev's band split up so he joined. We advertised for a singer and Brian answered a post that we put up on Aconite Thrill's forum.

What are your musical influences?

This is always a tricky one as our influences are so wide ranging. We go from Slayer through to Faith no More through to Leatherface through to The Afghan Whigs through to Jeff Buckley.

How did you come up with your bands name?

Band names are usually awfully painstaking but Micky came up with it on the way home from our 2nd or 3rd rehearsal and we liked it straight away. It's a line from the Nina song 99 red balloons?.

What are your plans for touring this year?

We've just finished a 12 date tour with our best friends Driving on the Right which went really but unfortunately our albums release date has been delayed so we're going to hold on from touring until that comes out. We're hoping to get ourselves on a half decent support but if that doesn't happen we might go out again in early Summer

Which band at the moment that has made it big over the last year do you respect the most?

I suppose Biffy Clyro are a band that I respect but I'm not really that into them. I like a few songs but regardless of whether I like the music or not, it's admirable that they've got where they are through hard graft, talent and not some massive marketing budget.

How would you describe your music to people?

Essentially at the root of our music, we write songs that you can play on an acoustic guitar and hum along to but we then rough it all up and present it as this noisy indie rock/punk/hardcore beast usually within one song

Which is the best venue you have played at?

This is a tough one. I'm going to narrow it down to 3 or 4.
a. Chinnery's in Southend. We've played there several times and get on with the sound guy so it always sounds great on stage. Crowd are always receptive as well.
b. TJ, Newport - we opened for Lagwagon here and again the sound was spot on and it's really intimate for such a big place
c. University of Essex, Colchester - just played there on this tour and it had a massive stage and a big crowd!
d. Satan's Hollow, Manchester - although the sound onstage there wasn't the greatest, the venue itself looks amazing. Wicked decoration!

Explain to us what you do on a 'normal' day?

We all have day jobs to pay our bills unfortunately. Bev, Adam and Micky work in offices doing various roles, Brian is a passport courier and I work from home advising on travel health

Can you let us in on any secrets as to what the future holds for your band?

It's not much of a secret, but we're hopefully releasing our record 600 miles from? in May through In at the Deep End Records. It's getting an American release as well so fingers crossed we hope to get invited out there to tour and we'll probably try and do a few UK tours, hopefully supporting some great bands.

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