An Interview with Accidental Angels

A brief description of their band/band members:

James - Singer/guitarist/songwriter - doesn't smoke, doesn't drink (often), gives up his seat on the tube for old ladies, never swears in front of his mother and has a freakishly large collection of belts. Likes his Rock hard
and his Roll buttered.

Chris - Guitars - smokes, drinks and never eats. Has a somewhat unhealthy penchant for power pop bands such as Big Star, Jellyfish and Mercury Rev -none of which are apparent in his ham fisted guitar playing.

Ronnie - Bass - smokes, drinks, eats and grins. Ronnie has a pearly white smile that frightens children and the elderly - resultantly, to prevent audiences being blinded by the reflection of stage lights from his gob, we
duct tape over his mouth at gigs.

Marco - Drums - smokes, drinks and sleeps - our little Italian dynamo - what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in general enthusiasm (until the narcolepsy kicks in, and he nods off onto his snare mid-gig).

Interview by Leanne Halls

How long have you been together?

A little over a year, well, some of us have - we picked up Ronnie and Marco (bass and drums) more recently after losing their predecessors in a freak yachting incident.

How did you meet?

Time honoured tradition, really. Two drunk blokes talking bollocks about music hit it off, rope in another couple of mates, mates fall by the wayside, leaving two drunk blokes talking bollocks about music in a bar, rope in another couple of likely lads and Bingo! we're back in business.

What are you musical influences?

Classic rockpunkpop - everything from Thin Lizzy to the Wildhearts, via Cheap Trick, Blink 182 and James Last

How did you come up with your band's name?

Comes from a line in "Perfect Timing", a David Lee Roth tune. We subsequently found out that our American cousins use the phrase as a description of babies who die young. Oops.

How would you describe your music to people?

We're a little ray of sunshine - catchy choruses, big arrangements, and loud guitars - all sprinkled with magic dust from crushed up pixies.

Any plans on recording some more songs?

Absolutely - we're doing well with the current CD but have a big pot of songs that we'd like to make available... if nothing else, we recorded the last batch at Giant Wafer studios in Wales and had a great time - working on recording during the days and spending the evenings drinking with the locals - we need a good excuse to go back for another week...

Do you have any gigs/tours lined up this year?

We've loads of gigs coming up - including the Carling Academy, The Garage, The Barfly and a heap of London's other seedier venues - we're in the process of arranging a handful of shows in Italy and are looking at playing a series of dates outside London in the New Year - check to be kept in the picture.

Which is the best venue you have played at?

Hard to say - the Underworld in Camden is great - has a good rock'n'roll vibe about the place, Storm in Leicester Square quite suits us, but overall, it would have to be the Garage in Islington - great sound, good lighting, decent stage, switched on staff and always has a fabulous atmosphere.

What do you guys get up to on a normal day?

"...woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...."

As little as we can get away with really - we all live together in a Young Ones/Monkees style, so most of our days are spent arguing over who gets to be Mickey Dolenz and who gets stuck with being Neil again. Then having rows about who's turn it is to take the rubbish out. You should see us all on laundry day... it's not pretty.

James is a tree surgeon
Chris works for a charity that re-houses homeless otters
Ronnie... well, no-one quite knows what Ronnie does...
Marco swans around London, looking Italian, sipping espressos and pinching lovely ladies' backsides.

What are the bands plans for the future?

To keep building the following that seems to grow with every gig
To record and release another CD
To kidnap Paris Hilton, chop her up into small pieces and bury her in a forest
To secure a record deal with a label that can keep us in washing powder and mung beans
To be able to move into a larger house - Ronnie and Marco are sick of James and Chris arguing over who gets the top bunk at Angels Towers.

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