Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Review

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Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Review

Postby ukevents » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:29 am



This is Amy’s second album, her first being ‘Frank’. If you were looking for clues to find out about Amy they are all here on ‘Back To Black‘. She is a very open person and her songs are based on her feelings and events in her life. ‘Rehab’ is the first song on her CD. It’s about not wanting to return to rehabilitation, but it clearly is what Amy currently needs. The song shows Amy’s strong-willed and rebellious character for she sings ‘Yes, I’ve been bad’ and ‘There’s nothing you can’t teach me’. It’s an energetic track and a great opener for the rest of her material.

‘Back to Black’ was written about her relationship with Blake before they married and Amy’s song shows the depths of despair and depression she felt when he left
her to be reunited with a former girl-friend. The chorus is often repeated and the hurt he caused her is so powerful for she laments ‘I died a hundred times’.

Amy Winehouse is only in her early 20’s but sounds like an older person. She definitely has a unique voice and it conveys a great range of emotions. Singing almost effortlessly, her voice is truly remarkable. She sounds streetwise, vulnerable and sassy. It’s an intriguing concoction.

The music on her album is very retro. It evokes the sound of 1960’s Motown. It has been suggested that her inspiration for the sound is from girl groups like ‘The Supremes’. There’s a strong link to the legendary producer Phil Spector on the album too.

One of the quieter tracks on her album is ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ which is a masterpiece. Here her mood is reflective and the song deals with an intimate relationship that has come to an end. Amy admits ‘what a mess we made’. The track would be perfect in a Bond film as it sounds like a quieter, younger Shirley Bassey.

Altogether this album is superb and deserves to be one of the best albums of the year.

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