The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home Review

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The Feeling - Twelve Stops and Home Review

Postby ukevents » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:24 am



This all-male band, fronted by Dan Gillespie, have a very girly appealing sound. Even their name is girly! They’re not out to shock, but nonetheless, they’re very commercial and entertaining.

Dan has a very clear voice and each word he sings is very distinct, sung with a strong English accent. There’s absolutely no need to replay a track just because you may have thought you have misheard a word or two. Their songs (mainly self-penned) are catchy with uncomplicated lyrics. In no time at all you can sing-a-long to one of their songs, picking up the melody as well as the words. Some tracks, particularly ‘I Want You Now’ however, have irritating backing vocals that are just too basic.

Musically, they have been likened to acts such as ’The Raspberries’ and ’Jellyfish’ and they are placed in the pop/ indie genre. The guys sound young and cheerful on many tracks including ’Fill My Little World’. This song, released as a hit single, has a thumping piano intro and a great repetitive chorus. ’Love It When You Call’ (also released as a single) is also very lively and pop sounding. Their sense of humour shines through with the incongruous lines ’I love it when you call/But you never call at all’.

‘Rosé’ is sung in a reflective mood and has a quiet piano introduction. It pays homage to the pink wine and is treated as a demanding, all-consuming lover. Dan sings ’I won’t drink from no other lover’ and gives classic reasons for drinking as it ’leaves me from pain again and again’. The wine has a strong emotional and physical hold as the song darkly reveals ’You’re in control/I’m just your slave’.

‘Strange’ is an excellent track, with a fine melody and well-written, yet simplistic lyrics. It’s a song about being different and not being liked by everyone. The song states’ People gonna rate you/People gonna hate you’ which implies that you will be judged differently by various types, but the song is reassuring with the line ’We love you all the same’. Another great line, almost from a psychology text-book is ’They only put you down if you give them permission’.

‘The Feeling’ may not be a rough and ready rock ‘n’ roll band but in their own words ‘We love you all the same’.

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