Babyshambles- Down in Albion Review

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Babyshambles- Down in Albion Review

Postby » Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:23 am

[center]Babyshambles- Down in Albion[/center]


The French philosopher Jacques Derrida once wrote “there is nothing beyond the art”. Do not worry, this is not the start of some intellectual discussion on the nature of aesthetics, nor is it some pretentious attempt to review an album according to existentialist theory, it is simply a call to do just that to this fantastic, gritty neo-punk explosion. Forget the headlines, forget Docherty’s lifestyle. Forget the drugs, forget the sex, and just listen to the delicious example of rock ’n’ roll.

Down in Albion is packed full of foot-stomping anthems to engage and entice youth cultures. The opening chant of Killamangiro is a call-to-arms to stop what you are doing, stand up and jump to the music. Pipedown forces you to air guitar furiously in front of a mirror. In Love with a Feeling causes you to bob your head reflectively, and there is nothing cooler in the world than lying on one’s bed listening to the reggae-fused Pentonville. This sweep-over the album even overlooks f*** Forever a glorious justification of rebellion and deconstructive behaviour. Its rifts are explosive, its lyrics complexly political and yet also beautifully simplistic. It defies anyone listening to it not to find some sympathies in its expression.

The very name of Pete Docherty may force controversy, but leave whatever judgements you may have about his life style or personality at the door before listening to this collection. If you close your eyes and hear nothing but the music, you will be forced to realise the talent behind the melodies, the intelligence behind the lyrics and the soul behind the delivery. Docherty may be many things in his private life, but his artistic one is an undebatable triumph. With this album, his name makes it firmly into the pantheon of greats.

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