Nizlopi- Half These Songs Are About You Review

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Nizlopi- Half These Songs Are About You Review

Postby » Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:22 am

[center]Nizlopi- Half These Songs Are About You[/center]


It is a shame that this will probably be known forever as ‘that album those people who did the song about the JCB did’. Most people will never hear the other 10 songs that make us this rather unique little album from the Leamington Spa based duo. These people will be missing out because the album is packed with the same quirky yet somewhat nostalgic feel of their almost infamous one-hit wonder. It brings a smile to your face and a metaphorical question mark to appear above your forehead.

Whilst remaining true to the bizarre musical blurring that we loved them for, the album is actually rather like a patchwork quilt of musical styles. Feeling like a melodic pic-n-mic, Nizlopi choose to select a few weighty toffees, a few chocolate mice and plenty of gummies in various different forms. As one track ends, the few seconds of silence create a great anticipation for what is coming next because it really could be anything. The effect of this isn’t to be disorientating or frustrating, it is simply to keep things fresh, keep things ticking, and keep our affections for the group high.

On reflection, an album with such as feeling behind it was never really going to scream commercial success because there is little in these songs to grab onto, label and tie to any specific category for any specific mode. Their particular style is never going to make it onto many peoples ‘most played’ lists on their iTunes folders, but I do suspect that if you give it a chance will definitely make a nice addition to your collection. It is different and it is original, thus doesn’t get old very quickly and serves as a nice tonic to the more sterilised music that one finds almost unavoidable nowadays. The name of the album says it all really, half these songs are likely to go down a storm with the listener, but I am at a lost to suggest which ones.

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