Musical Fusion- Live Gig Review

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Musical Fusion- Live Gig Review

Postby » Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:22 am

[center]Musical Fusion- Live Gig Review
Charity Event – Saturday 6th October 2007

There was one reason that we were all sat in a surprisingly comfortable and warm church on a Saturday night, when we should have been out painting the town red and preparing to nurse hangovers in the morning. The reason was we were all at a charity event to raise funds for the Michael Sobell House and take part in the Voices For Hospices concert. Around the country concerts were happening simultaneously to raise funds and awareness for local Hospices. The Michael Sobell House provides care for the elderly in a comfortable and relaxing environment and if the staff present were anything to go by then the people at Michael Sobell House are the best cared for.

The night was a relaxed and friendly evening. Never were we pushed to donate money or buy raffle tickets for an inexpensive bottle of wine, which is a shame as I fancied a bottle of plonk. The MC was as relaxed and friendly as everyone else there that night – uniting us all in a true charity concert atmosphere.

The music began with Jazz by Numbers a five piece jazz band that played well-known jazz tracks to ease the evening in. It was quite surprising to find that the band had first played together in April 2007 as they interacted and played well together. The band warmed the audience into a gentle evening, my favourite track being played ‘Blue Bossa’. The vocal styles of Tracey O’Connor were introduced into a couple of numbers, including one by Cleo Laine, and Tracey’s rich tone worked well with the band.

The next act came as something of a surprise and were one of my highlights of the evening. The all female quartet ‘NotEorious’ strode on stage each with matching blue dresses and what came from their voices was truly sublime. The four vocalists were equally as strong as each other – each bringing their lines forwards without drowning the other singers. All of the songs were superbly arranged and the harmonies they used were rich and surprisingly beautiful. It was quite a shame when their slot finished, but I suppose the evening had to go on.

Next were The Belltones, a sound that took me back to my childhood and being taught bell ringing in school. The members of The Belltones provided a change to the night, making it almost a classical concert and making us all sit up a bit straighter and watch the clever switches of the bells and players as they entertained us. This act was followed by St Anselm’s Gospel Singers another four talented women, but these ladies sing purely for their love of God and provided a subtle reminder that we were in a church and donating our time and money for charity.

It would be fair to say that The Michael Sobell House would find it harder to run if it wasn’t for its volunteers and this was made clear by the staff who grafted hard backstage to provide refreshments for all. With such a warm, generous and social atmosphere it was hard not to relax, but as refreshing as the hot food and drinks were it was all too soon to return and see what other eclectic music would be brought to our ears.

The second half was started by Nickk and Dave who provided some acoustic rock and performing their own songs. Nickk and Dave have played in many bands throughout the years and this showed in their competency as a guitar and vocal duo. The songs we were written well and the lyrics worked nicely with the guitar. The act to follow was another singer / songwriter in the form of Bucks based Helen Sanderson-White who was performing with Rachael Forsyth, saxophonist. Helen played songs taken from her second album ‘Fallen But Not Fatal’ and her earlier album ‘Conversations With The Heart’. The pair worked well together and the harmonies of vocals and sax carefully blended together in the acoustics of the church.

The evening ended with Jazz By Numbers who played and sang us out. All in all I was pleased to hear that the Michael Sobell House raised about £900 (exact figure to be released) for their charity. I would recommend attending future fundraising events, not only just because it is for charity and for a good cause, but also because if this night was anything to go by Michael Sobell House are able to gather together a wide variety of musical talents and bring them all together for a truly special night.

Written by Rach for
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