Interview with ‘Beluga’ (Venue)

Ashlee gives her views on the music industry. Guaranteed to tell it like it is !!

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Interview with ‘Beluga’ (Venue)

Postby » Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:14 am

1. For those who are perhaps unfamiliar with the Beluga restaurant, could you give a brief description of the restaurant – such as the type of food served etc?
Beluga Bar & Restaurant is a secluded haven in the heart of the city, occupying a prime corner position in a stunning Grade II listed building. We pride ourselves in serving unpretentious, good quality food coupled with an extensive assortment in the world’s finest wines and champagnes. By day, Beluga is bustling with business meetings, ladies who lunch and people who want to enjoy good, tasty food in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. By night, we transform into a lively, bubbly sanctuary where people come to indulge in our restaurant or unwind sipping on a signature cocktail or two with friends in the bar.

2. How long has Beluga been open?
Beluga is about to celebrate its fourth birthday on November 8th 2007.

3. What inspired the name for the restaurant?
Originally, Beluga concentrated on a vast array of seafood dishes and also served caviar, so the name was given two fold for Beluga caviar and after the Beluga Whale.

4. What has been the best / weirdest night so far at Beluga?
The best night so far must have been after watching Manchester United win in an important match, where John O’Shea had scored, he then came into Beluga that night to celebrate. It was fantastic watching him through the day and serving him at night – Fantastic and bizarre in the same instance!

5. If you were only allowed to eat one thing from the menu what would you choose and why?
Our personal favourite is the Rib Eye steak, it is always cooked to perfection and comes with our signature chunky chips – I can’t resist them! The smell always makes my mouth water!

6. I was told as well as catered parties that Beluga offers live music at your Manchester restaurant? What type of music gets played?
We regularly have live jazz and pop singers in.

7. How many nights does Beluga have live bands playing?
Sunday night at Beluga is officially Band Night, we have local Manchester band – Frame of Mind – who come down and play a few sets, they often bring with them some up and coming talent to showcase their material. There is nothing better than relaxing with a glass of something chilled while listening to some good tunes.

8. Which band has been your favourite this year?
Frame of mind – every time

9. Do you approach bands to play at Beluga or do the bands contact you?
Bands contact us though our website and myspace site but normally through Frame of Mind.

10. Does Beluga run any other types of nights during the week such as special offers etc?
As mentioned, Sunday night is Band Night at Beluga, during the week we have various offers including a Cocktail Hour from 5 – 7pm. We offer our customers our best selling tipples for a discounted price including house wine for £7.50 a bottle and 2-4-1 on all cocktails. As we have a lot of regular theatre goers, we offer an Early Bird menu, which is available from 4 – 7pm, two delicious courses from the Dinner menu for only £7.50! Needless to say it gets pretty hectic around that time!

11. If you could have any band / musician playing at your venue who would it be and why?
I think Jamie Cullum is a perfect artist for our venue. He’s very easy to listen to and I could imagine him playing some soulful jazz in an evening to help our customers unwind and tap their feet to.

12. How do you generally find your customers react to having live music in a restaurant?
Having a live band creates a fabulous atmosphere and our customers love it! Sunday night is a social gathering in itself where regulars make friends and enjoy the local talent. It continues to grow as the music is not overpowering or too loud allowing customers to enjoy their dinner/drinks as well as the good quality music.

13. Has Beluga any special nights planned for Christmas or are they top secret?
The whole of the festive season is treated as a special event at Beluga, the majority of our Christmas bookings come from repeat custom, meaning that we get booked up in advance. Beluga enters a seasonal, party spirit in mid November where customers and staff alike enjoy the atmosphere and have fun every night of the week.

14. What does the future hold for Beluga in 2008?
2008 is going to a fantastic year for Beluga, we are currently in plans to have an extension, which is to be a VIP Balcony. It is going to be overlooking the bustling bar but private in the same instance. It will be available for private parties and functions – holding up to 60 people. We obviously plan to continue with our great success and have more live events!

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