One Night with Lo Fi FNK

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One Night with Lo Fi FNK

Postby ukevents » Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:38 am

Despite missing their show due to prior commitments, I still managed to take part in the 13 -person strong “after-party.” Held at my house in Gainesville, Florida, the atmosphere of this chancy rendezvous was relatively chill. Their manager, and local Brooklyn celebrity, DJ Greg, was manning the turntables at minimum volume, so as to not provoke the neighborhood in crying bloody murder due to the previously stentorian parties held the weekend before. Dressed in peculiar baseball caps and sneakers, they drank their beers, save for the youngest, who opted to venture off to the land of unconscious fantasy, preferring to doze off in the side lines.

Meet Leo, 24, August, also 24, and Leo’s brother, Link 19, (yes, he has the same name as the hero of the Tri-Force in the legendary Nintendo 64 game, Zelda and the Ocarina of Time). When I mention the obvious, Link timidly replies that he gets that comparison between the names often. This timid ambiance was met with mutual fascination of both cultures- European and American.

Lo-Fi-FNK were fascinated with fraternity and sorority houses which lined our street, as this was their first venture to the Southeastern United States. They based their surroundings on what they had seen on movies such as The National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Cornered by 18 year old adoring fans who obsessively tried to impress them, but at the same time unconsciously overwhelmed them, they were confronted with trivialities including reciting their full names and answering questions about Europe. The group was reticent for the majority of the night, however, August was emitting skeptical, yet fascinated reactions towards what came out of our American mouths. Equipped with his Hello Kitty digital camera, he studied our body language and conversations, to more familiarize himself with this foreign land of intriguing personalities and dynamic fans. Perhaps these discoveries will be interpreted on their next record, seeing as these three charming Swedes are surging to the top of the indie music scene faster than one can say “förtjusande”.

-You can listen to Lo-Fi-FNK at Their album Boylife, is now out on Moshi Moshi Records.

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