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Jay reviews Sunday Morning Service single Review – Heavy Handed


Hallelujah, about time, thank god for that etc. Add any cliché you like to best express the fact Sunday Morning Service (SMS) are to launch their debut single Heavy Handed 18th April. One of the best bands toiling the scene at the moment, I was lucky enough to review SMS before they found the management they needed to punch them into the musical consciousness. And punch through they will.

Heavy Handed, a strong offering, is more than catchy and summer-tasty. It’s a confident platform for lead-man Nick Tate’s remarkable voice. He cajoles the fine lyrics into the ear with the right amount of sincerity; his voice is one you trust to tell the heart of the lyrics.

SMS do more than just show dexterity with lyric and voice, they promise versatility. The cool backing of guitar and drum tease that they can amp up and ramp up and blast powerful anthems through the clotted junk clogging up the industry.

A tremendous debut from the most exciting and downright lovable acts in Britain today. Give Heavy Handed a download and see.

Find out more about them at www.sundaymorningservice.co.uk .

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