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Jay reviews CalatrilloZ – The Rise of the Leviathan


CalatrilloZ are a theatrical rock band based in London. Lead vocally by MrZ, they proved to a fun and stimulating listen, and they teem teasingly with the gothic.

From track 1 Z The Psychopath, CalatrilloZ prove their music is confident and pulsating. Strong lyrics, spattered with a few expletives, give ample chance for the listener to sing-a-long whilst head banging. The vocals fit in with the music to make a tight accomplished unit and take a back-seat, the guitars and drums always at the fore. A slight Beatlesque inspired break sets up the second half of an excellent opening rock track. A tight riff and power play gives the listener the impression CalatrilloZ have been touring for years.

Whereas influences abound, elements of Rammstein perhaps and old stalwarts of Metallica and Sabbath, CalatrilloZ stand out for their sheer violent enthusiasm. The vocals grow to full strength by the end of the track and don’t break or waiver.

Track 2 The Long Winding Road gently builds from a light balladesque opening to a surprise with a reggae-styled break and chorus. Metal and reggae? Believe it, it can work and here it does. A softer track with a job to do, bridge between the slamming opening and the third offering.

Our third track Circle Of Sorrow starts a little too emo and I begin to panic, but it soothes out into an inoffensive closer. I would’ve preferred a thumping guitar-slamming stormer to end this E.P, but for an unsigned band they already display strengths along with some areas to improve, such as trusting their talent in heavier refrains. But room to improve is a good thing, because that shows some excellent potential.

Find out more about them at www.myspace.com/calatrilloz .

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