Jay's Music Column

Jay's Music Column

Jay reviews Alchemy


ďAnd the bass goes...Ē opens this slightly rocky but self-assured three-track collection. Better Days starts with some chunky rhythms, and sultry bass flows from the headphones with some well-built lyricism and beautifully supported backing singing.

Mea Culpa, track 2, boasts better and tighter rapping that compliments the rock-spiked backbeat, but the sung chorus just weakens it a little. A few more layers of production would benefit Alchemy, an experienced ear that can guide this package of potential in the right direction and strengthen them from their slightly wayward self-indulgence.

My Love is the stand-out track, and Iím sure Alchemy know it. The issues that a classy producer could iron out donít litter this track. itís rhythmic, and it boasts an excellent flow between angelic backing vocals and truly beautiful lyrics that blend to produce an accomplished closer.

Alchemy bounces from dance to jazz to rock too eagerly, but all the ingredients are present to produce something truly wonderful. They shouldnít be afraid to play to their strengths!

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