Jay's Music Column

Jay's Music Column

Jay reviews Nick Tate – Turn Into Twilight


Nick Tate’s independently released solo album Turn Into Twilight is a very smooth and very cool summery flavoured offering. Tate, the leadman of Sunday Morning Service , dazzles with vocals that are breathy and earthy and wouldn’t sound out of place in a New York jazz-infused speakeasy.

Opening track Monsters is a ballad that immediately sets the mood of effortless easy listening mastery. Beautifully weighted lyrics sung with an emotional intensity not unlike Damien Rice relax and massage the ears. Good Life follows, a tune that seeps into the head and deftly showcases very tight lyrics ‘god knows you got to love yourself before you love someone else’ being a choice example. It’s clear from here on that the album is beginning to build an unstoppable and irresistible momentum.

Track 3, 25, is cool and terrifically showcases Nick’s earthy voice. It’s also an inescapably upbeat number not out of place alongside Sting’s more funky offerings. Track 4, Till The Moon Falls Down, slows down proceedings. Placed quite expertly in the listing it evokes images of London at dusk and tastes like it wouldn’t be amiss in a clever rom-com soundtrack. Some orchestral accompaniment accentuates the subtle but catchy chorus. 5, Unnecessary, tells of a man’s fears of being lost and needless to his love with the help of some gentle backing vocals.

6, This Is Me, continues the intensity from the strong opening with a confident heavier middle. Tongue Tied and Something Deep keep the acoustic flavour flowing. The gentle backing vocals really add that extra dimension of smooth. Sweet Lord is accompanied by deft piano and more emotive, deeper vocalisations that hint of more serious depths barely scratched in earlier tracks. You Won’t See Me closes a sharp, well crafted, and talented collection.

Nothing here sounds unprofessional or amateurish. Tight lyricism, very catchy bridges, hooks, and beguiling choruses amount to an excellent platform. Turn Into Twilight comes through the headphones like an album of indulgent joy from a long established star, not a debut from an undiscovered talent. Seek out Nick Tate and be soothed and smoothed into adoring his music.

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